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Question 1: by Shahzad hussain Jun 12, 2019
i need key toyota techstream DI 140E47869F412499AFDDE73B0D59E304
Question 2: by Joni Siltanen Jul 5, 2019
I just received my vcds 18.2 cable (item number VAG182). The included cd-rom does not work. I only managed to load the german version of the vcds, but I would like to use English version.
Can you provide a download link for the software?

Question 3: by Arvis thorn Aug 7, 2019
it has been 4 weeks and have not recived the item I ordered -waiting for reply - will go to paypal for refund- I still would like the item
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Aug 7, 2019
 Dear Arvis,
Thanks for contact us. We have refunded you for this order. OBDSTAR F104 currently is out of stock.

Any questions,welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Apollo Tan
Question 4: by Abagail Lucero Aug 9, 2019

the undersigned, state UNDER PENALTY OF PERJURY that:

- I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner,
of certain intellectual property rights ("IP Owner");

- I have a good faith belief that the listings identified below (by item
number) offer items or contain materials that are not authorized by the
IP Owner, its agent, or the law, and therefore infringe the IP Owner's
rights; and

- The information in this notice is accurate.

Please act expeditiously to remove the listings identified in the

I May Be Contacted At

Name of IP Owner:*Mitchell Repair Information Company LLC
Name and Title:* Abagail Lucero, Security and Compliance Supervisor
Company: Mitchell1
Address:*14145 Danielson Street
City, State, and Zip:* Poway, CA 92064
Email address (for correspondence with eBay):
Email address (to be given to eBay sellers)
Telephone:* 858.391.5000 x6049
Fax: 858.391.6049

*Required field

Item Numbers:

Reason Code:
3.3. Item is an unlawful copy of media (software, games, movies, etc.)

Work infringed: Mitchell On Demand

Question 5: by Igor Nov 27, 2020

interested in FMPC001, There are a couple of questions:
1, Is it in stock?
2, Is the version of the device exactly 1.7?
3. From which country the delivery (I am from Lithuania) customs duty,
4.product price + shipping?
Question 6: by Mr. Richard Gale May 17, 2021
Dear Sir/Madam. I have NOT received this item, its been 8 weeks since 22nd March, so a full refund in order. Richard Gale
Question 7: by Михаил Бруев Aug 29, 2022
Здравствуйте Creator c502 Mercedes как сделать русификацию программы
Question 8: by Mr. Viktor Tsaljuk Feb 16, 2021
good day
why else
did not send me a package ?
Question 9: by Mr. Vitaly Tchernyakov Apr 2, 2021

Will you send me shipping information about my order?

Thank you
Question 10: by KaloianPetkov Sep 23, 2017
I made a order of product from your's platform and it was end of august /27-28.08.2017/ and i still don't have it delivered! Now i cant login with my e-mail and password and I wonder if you have ever send it or you just took my money and delete my account! Demand some answers/delivery or refund!
I still have PayPal order number and out tour order witch is as follows>PayPal Express Checkout (USD19.99, Transaction ID: 5PR26421M39742444)
Thanks for your order at ChinaOBD2. Your Order #CO1708210140
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 23, 2017
Our site has been updated, Please go to  to check your order information, Your order has been reshipped out by China Post .

Any questions, welcome to contact us.
Best regards,
Question 11: by john pitfield Sep 25, 2017
I have forgot my password,how can I change it?????
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Sep 26, 2017
We have sent  your password by Email, please check that.
Question 12: by Nkosie Mazibuko Sep 28, 2017
I bought the SBB key code and I do not know how to use it. Can you please send me a video that can show me stab by stab on a car. e.g. VW or Toyota
Question 13: by Roger Meineke Nov 3, 2017
Hi trying to checkout ,but says internal
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Nov 4, 2017
 please register an account first. add the item to shopping cart, choose shipping address, then check out.
Question 14: by Roger Meineke Nov 4, 2017
Internal servo error.Will not let me register.Thanks
Question 15: by Brane Jan 21, 2018

i buy star c3 2015 , then i buy hdd disk for dell computer .

i have problem with program, please answer me.
Question 16: by Mr. zelateur gerome IMS SARL Jan 31, 2018
the snooper i buy on this order : CO1801100162
don't work . it's not light up once pluggin , have test on 3 cars , and with another snooper that don't have problem .

how can you solve that ?


Question 17: by Jan Feb 22, 2018
Hello. I ned to buy some equipment.
Here is my problem - i got a kia ceed sw 2008, but i have Lost the last key, do you have some tools so i can reprogramme immo or delete other keys in the system, or something.. If there are more than one machine there c an do it, please explain why thei are looking forward to hear from you, either by mail or phone
Jan Pedersen
Mail phone :+4542947595

Question 18: by Robert Mar 7, 2018
I need to reset the oil age (or oil ageing) counter on a Renault Scenic 1, automatic gearbox transmission (DP04 gearbox).
Also, I need to change oil change date using a Clip.
Original renault software can do this.

Which China clip must I buy from your page - ?
Question 19: by Mr. Kazbek Butaev Mar 17, 2018
Original Launch M-Diag Lite Plus EZdiag for iOS Android Built-in Bluetooth OBDII with One Free Car Software
in stock?
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Mar 18, 2018
 sorry, this item has been sold out.
Question 20: by Mike Burgess Apr 15, 2018
Hi I purchased this item from you in 2014.
Is there an software upgrade available to purchase please
Question 21: by Mr. mervyn witherow May 19, 2018
Question 22: by Ernie May 23, 2018
Hi do you sell motorcycle scanners so I can reset my service light & Diagnosis thanks
Question 23: by udrea alexandru bogdan May 29, 2018
hello,i buyed from you a vdm2 and afther installing the product does not find the ecu it says.....i have tried on 3 cars.....ecu is not responding error i get.....what is the problem?.....thank you
Question 24: by marcussy beethoven Oct 1, 2018
je vous informe que j'ai bien payer
ma commande et que j'aimerai bien cette fois ci recevoir mon colis concernant
cette commande( CO1810010256)

care je n'es toujours pas recu cette commande qui a bien débité de mon compte
mais annulé de votre pars,j'attend bien enttendus un remboucement
ou peu etre un oublie de votre pars (CO1809040270)
Question 25: by Michael Gruhne Feb 2, 2019
SKS-3058 Auto EECS and ECU Examine-Analyzing
can you deliver the device?

Best Regards
Question 26: by Mr. Njoku Joseph Mcremmy Feb 15, 2019
i bought calculator Order Serial No.: CO1811170261 from your shop since last year November 17 2018 until now i have not received my item please what is the problem
Reply #1 by ChinaOBD2   Feb 15, 2019
 Sorry Friend, We will deal with your order now. I will send you the tracking number soon.
Question 27: by Kim Andre Reinig May 22, 2019

i ordered the wrong cable, sorry...

I made another order with the right one, would you please cancel this order (CO1905200296) and
send my money back via Paypal?

Regards Kim
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